RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker: Making the Impossible Possible

RD Whittington is a man who likes to start his action-packed day with a plan, but before the sun rises, as a celebrity car broker, he’s working to make celebrity wishes come true and giving back to the community.

If you are a client of RD Whittington RD Whittington celebrity car broker to the A-listers, you won’t ever step foot inside a dealership or haggle with sales people. Simple text the man who makes it happen, and you’ll soon walk out to your driveway to test out your new wheels.

Celebrity Car Broker RD Whittington Reveals His 3 Powerful Secrets to Networking with Top Celebrities and Executives

A jet-setting entrepreneur and a true businessman, RD Whittington is always on the move. From selling exclusive cars, making dreams come true for celebrities to delivering toys to the LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital- he always believes in doing good. It’s no wonder his list of clients and close friends include the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scott Disick, Jamie Foxx, The Weeknd and many others.

RD Whittington thriller Summerhouse

RD Whittington thriller feature film ‘Summerhouse’ to begin casting

The upcoming RD Whittington thriller feature film “Summerhouse” is now officially set to begin the casting phase of production in early November, 2016. I spoke with “Summerhouse” producer RD Whittington who stated, “everyone on production is excited to find new talent, and production is set to film top of the year”. There will be 4 lead roles available, male and female between 17 – 25 years of age.

Floyd Mayweather and Actor producer RD Whittington

Floyd Mayweather and Actor/ producer RD Whittington

Floyd Mayweather and Actor/ producer RD Whittington seen leaving Roscoe’s Chicken in Hollywood. Floyd Mayweather and RD have acting roles in Jaime Foxx’s Upcoming Movie ‘All-Star Weekend’. They drove off in a high end, expensive, customized white Jeep Mercedes.