RD Whittington and Luxury Auto Connection Ship Custom Luxury Vehicles Anywhere

For over 25 years, Luxury Auto Collection and RD Whittington have helped customers create a custom luxury vehicle that can be delivered to their door.  Clients seeking high-end and exotic automobiles have continuously rated their experience at Luxury Auto Connection with 5 stars.


RD Whittington’s team at Luxury Auto Connection help clients find the exotic vehicle they are looking for.

Clients can choose from a selection of hand-picked luxury cars on their showroom floor in Scottsdale, Arizona or choose to work with a custom luxury car specialist like RD Whittington to create the car they truly want.  An expert in helping create the custom car every client dreams of, RD Whittington prides himself on a list of satisfied clients.

Selling more than just luxury cars, Luxury Auto Connection also sales small aircraft to those seeking a more private way to fly.  The team also provides access to watercraft listings and nationwide shipping.  Purchases can be made entirely online and the sales people will arrange reliable and trust worthy delivery.


Custom builds and exotic car sales online with RD Whittington and Luxury Auto Connection is a fast and easy going process.

Numerous clients are more than pleased with how easy purchasing an exotic automobile from Luxury Auto Connection is. According to one client, they are professionals that made his vehicle buying experience an easy one.  Several customers claim that the sales people go above and beyond to ensure that the buying process goes smoothly from start to finish.

Details matter to RD Whittington and his team.  Every step of the way they ensure that their clients expectations are met.  Working together to create a custom luxury vehicle with high profile customers, Whittington takes a hands on approach to relationships with his clients.  Learning what they need in a luxury vehicle first hand helps him exceed their expectations every time.


RD Whittington has built Luxury Auto Connection with his customer first philosophy in mind.

A background in hospitality sales prepared RD Whittington for his leadership role in the custom luxury automobile industry.  Listening to the needs and feedback of clients has helped him be able to understand what they need and how to help them get it.  Working with clients to create their ideal custom vehicles is one of RD Whittington’s greatest passions.

Customers of Luxury Auto Connection don’t worry about quality.  Their team hand picks luxury brand name automobiles that are in excellent condition. Brands like Aston Martin, Bentley and Maserati are among the well-known names that are commonly found in their showroom. Customers aren’t limited to only the cars on the showroom floor.  At Luxury Auto Connection, their sales team will help customers find the car they are looking for, even if their showroom doesn’t have it.

RD Whittington and his team of luxury car specialists at Luxury Auto Connection provide reliable and honest luxury automobile sales in Scottsdale, Arizona. For those who wish to purchase from out of state, shipping arrangements with dependable couriers are made by the sales team on behalf of the customer. Enjoy luxury service from Luxury Auto Connection by visiting them online.



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