RD Whittington Helps Celebrities Find The Custom Luxury Vehicle of Their Dreams

Accustomed to aiding high profile clients, RD Whittington understands that details matter.  Specializing in custom luxury vehicles, Whittington and his team are experts at matching dream cars to their proud new owners.


RD Whittington creates a custom luxury car with its high profile owner.

R.D. Whittington Helps Celebrities Custom VehicleAfter over 20 years in the luxury car sales business, RD Whittington has developed a specific eye for detail that keeps clients coming to him to both list and find luxury cars for them.  His hands on process is known to make clients feel comfortable with the entire buying process.  This is of utmost importance to most high profile clients looking to buy a custom luxury vehicle.  Walking thru each detail of what a client would like customized has proven to produce the highest quality in custom luxury vehicles.

Seen sporting a custom Mercedes Jeep as well as custom Bugattis, RD Whittington is a well known man to celebrities looking for million dollar cars.  Floyd Mayweather has both purchased and listed his own luxury vehicles with Whittington and his company.  News outlets confirmed that Whittington was in charge of selling Mayweather’s, 3.5 million dollar Bugatti.  It was reported that Steven Tyler was interested in purchasing the custom luxury car and he was expected to pay much more than that to get the car after the customizations had been complete.


Selling at the Barret Jackson Collector Car Auction is common for RD Whittington.

According to reports by TMZ, Whittington was taking Floyd Mayweather’s multi-million dollar Bugatti to the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  RD Whittington has ties with Scottsdale’s Luxury Auto Connection, where he works to find high profile clients luxury vehicles.  He’s matched many well known celebs to the cars they park in the their garages.  Customized exactly to the specifications of the buyer, cars purchased from RD Whittington are guaranteed to turn heads.

As part of the world’s greatest car auction, RD Whittington has helped design and find cars for buyers and charities.  His expertise doesn’t stop at just cars, he also can find and customized air and watercraft.  Whittington ensures that the luxury vehicle is purchased, customized and shipped with no additional hassle to the customer.  Taking the time to understand exactly the aesthetic the buyer wants and the feel they are trying to achieve inside the car is part of what makes working with RD Whittington a unique and valuable experience.


Understanding a customer’s needs is R.D. Whittington’s specialty.

Clients like Floyd Mayweather, LeonaR.D.o DiCaprio, Scott Disick and The Weeknd have purchased their custom luxury automobile from RD Whittington.  They chose to work with him because of the quality experience people they knew had with the purchase of their luxury car.  Hand picking the best from brands like Bugatti, Aston Martin and Maserati – Whittington has decades of experience with how these high end luxuries are often customized.  Combing over every detail, Whittington ensures that all of his clients get the best of every option available to them.

His background in hospitality taught him how to be friendly and more than receptive to his clients.  Their positive reviews of him and the way he found their dream car certainly prove that he comes with open ears and years of knowledge.  With his guidance and flawless process, high end clients find the luxury vehicle of their dreams.


RD Whittington uses his custom vehicle experience to give back to the community.

RD Whittington’s skill set benefit more than just those looking for their dream car.  His connections and knowledge about customization also helps charities both raise money and service those in need.  Custom luxury vehicles are commonly auctioned off for charity like the SEMA Care Camaro.  This custom car was auctioned off to help Child help, an organization dedicated to fighting child abuse and neglect.  For charities, an auctioned car can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to help their cause.  Not only does RD Whittington customize cars for auctions to help raise money, he also helps customize automobiles for use by charities.

My Friend’s House Foundation out of LA received a customized van with the help of RD Whittington as a donation to help them feed the hungry.  They provide basic necessities for the homeless no matter what their race or religion.  More than just a meal or two, their mission is to help provide food, clothing and toiletries. My Friend’s House Foundation is also involved in community programs that aide the elderly, the illiterate and those who are incarcerated. To help their foundation provide those services and programs, they needed a custom vehicle that RD Whittington was able to help provide and arrange delivery of.


RD Whittington uses his abilities to create custom luxury vehicles to help his clients acquire the car they desire. 

His showroom is filled with handpicked cars, but those are just the cars Whittington recommends based on his on personal style and knowledge of exotic cars.  He prides himself on finding the right car for his client.  Whittington doesn’t limit his clients to the cars he’s already found, but instead will use his connections in the luxury car business to seek out the car his high end client wants.  Whittington is proud to have curated the relationships he has that enable him to provide the best in custom luxury vehicles.




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