RD Whittington is a multifaceted entrepreneur best known for his work in Hollywood circles as a celebrity car broker who can find extremely rare and luxurious vehicles loved by A-list stars. He has built a successful career in finding the best vehicles for the Hollywood elite. Less than a week ago, star Jamie Foxx was showing off his treasured hot new sports cars on “Good Morning America” when he gave a shout out to RD Whittington on live TV.

RD Whittington Featured on 'Good Morning America'

LOS ANGELESJan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jamie Foxx is one of Hollywood’s richest and most influential stars; he only settles for the best, and that’s why he relies on RD Whittington to help him find his latest dream cars. Foxx appeared on “Good Morning America” on December 17, less than a week ago. He was talking about his glamorous life on national television when he gave an impromptu shout out to RD Whittington.


Working mostly on custom builds for high-profile customers, RD Whittington is an expert at curating an exotic automobile. Paying attention to every detail makes the customer’s new luxury car exactly what they want. Whittington’s ability to understand what his clients want from their new luxury vehicle has given him an edge over the competition.


Jamie Foxx was affable and charming, as always, when he appeared on “Good Morning America”, showing off his spacious home, beautiful family and his favorite sports cars with the hosts and audience. The hosts were especially taken by a yellow sports car Jamie joked about taking to the grocery store. He then said he had to thank RD Whittington for consistently hooking him up with the finest luxury cars.

Consult with a celebrity car broker by contacting RD Whittington.


Celebrity car broker RD Whittington sells custom luxury automobiles.

Jamie Foxx is one of several beloved celebrities who come to RD Whittington when they want to make driving their dream car a reality. RD Whittington built his career as a trusted go-to for A-listers to find rare, elusive vehicles that have their drivers literally seated in the lap of luxury. As a renowned celebrity car broker, RD Whittington has built a unique career based on a foundation of excellent customer service.


Start the dream car search with celebrity car broker, RD Whittington.

RD Whittington is the celebrity car broker to stars like Taylor SwiftLeonardo DiCaprio, The Weekend, Migos, Floyd MayweatherChris BrownScott Disick and others who’ve entrusted him with millions of dollars to find the luxury vehicles of their dreams. RD Whittington has earned that trust by providing exceptional customer service through reliability and respect; he delivers on his promises. He is available to his clients around-the-clock so that he can make dream cars a reality regardless of their busy schedules. RD Whittington can be followed on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wiresonly/.


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