RD Whittington is a multifaceted entrepreneur best known for his work in Hollywood circles as a celebrity car broker who can find extremely rare and luxurious vehicles loved by A-list stars. He has built a successful career in finding the best vehicles for the Hollywood elite. Less than a week ago, star Jamie Foxx was showing off his treasured hot new sports cars on “Good Morning America” when he gave a shout out to RD Whittington on live TV.

RD Whittington Featured on 'Good Morning America'

LOS ANGELESJan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jamie Foxx is one of Hollywood’s richest and most influential stars; he only settles for the best, and that’s why he relies on RD Whittington to help him find his latest dream cars. Foxx appeared on “Good Morning America” on December 17, less than a week ago. He was talking about his glamorous life on national television when he gave an impromptu shout out to RD Whittington.


Working mostly on custom builds for high-profile customers, RD Whittington is an expert at curating an exotic automobile. Paying attention to every detail makes the customer’s new luxury car exactly what they want. Whittington’s ability to understand what his clients want from their new luxury vehicle has given him an edge over the competition.


Jamie Foxx was affable and charming, as always, when he appeared on “Good Morning America”, showing off his spacious home, beautiful family and his favorite sports cars with the hosts and audience. The hosts were especially taken by a yellow sports car Jamie joked about taking to the grocery store. He then said he had to thank RD Whittington for consistently hooking him up with the finest luxury cars.

Consult with a celebrity car broker by contacting RD Whittington.


Celebrity car broker RD Whittington sells custom luxury automobiles.

Jamie Foxx is one of several beloved celebrities who come to RD Whittington when they want to make driving their dream car a reality. RD Whittington built his career as a trusted go-to for A-listers to find rare, elusive vehicles that have their drivers literally seated in the lap of luxury. As a renowned celebrity car broker, RD Whittington has built a unique career based on a foundation of excellent customer service.


Start the dream car search with celebrity car broker, RD Whittington.

RD Whittington is the celebrity car broker to stars like Taylor SwiftLeonardo DiCaprio, The Weekend, Migos, Floyd MayweatherChris BrownScott Disick and others who’ve entrusted him with millions of dollars to find the luxury vehicles of their dreams. RD Whittington has earned that trust by providing exceptional customer service through reliability and respect; he delivers on his promises. He is available to his clients around-the-clock so that he can make dream cars a reality regardless of their busy schedules. RD Whittington can be followed on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wiresonly/.


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Celebrities and CEOs are buying expensive cars off Instagram

Celebrities Buying Instagram Cars
When money isn’t an object, impulse purchases take on new heights. For example, take the Instagram account @wiresonly.

The account only deals with exotic and high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles. It also operates for clients able to send a wire transfer for the funds. No loans, no credit scores, just straight cash. The New York Times profiled the account and its operator, R.D. Whittington, in a Wednesday report. These sales happen in a matter of minutes and are a completely different experience from what the typical car buyer understands.

Whittington, a partner in the Luxury Auto Collection dealer of Scottsdale, Arizona, typically posts a single photo or quick video of the car on Instagram. From there, celebrities, CEOs, and other VIPs quickly transfer funds and the car is gone. Equate it to throwing a pack of gum on the conveyer belt while checking out at the supermarket. One music executive quickly decided to toss in a Rolls-Royce Phantom as he purchased a Porsche 918 Spyder for $2.6 million. The impulse purchase cost another $800,000.

The car dealer of the 21st century plans to open his own brick and mortar dealership in Beverly Hills this month. The store will give clients another space to make exotic car purchases. Whittington has already made a name for himself throughout Hollywood as the go-to guy when looking for an exotic ride. He noted producers most recently approached him to locate a Bugatti Veyron for a Taylor Swift music video. Not only did he cash in on an $80,000 rental fee, he sold the car to a rap artist shortly thereafter.

Wittington said actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is his best friend and business partner, but the NYT story didn’t say if Foxx is involved with Wittington’s dealership or car sales. Foxx did say that Wittington makes sure the purchase process goes smoothly and helps clients procure insurance and even driver’s licenses.

Wittington isn’t the only Instagram user to use the platform to sell high-end cars. The story quotes a Porsche salesman in Fresno, California, who said he’s sold about 10 cars through his IG account.

For us normal folks, we’ll have to stick to browsing the classifieds on Craigslist or shopping for cars on the standard roster of websites.


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Celebrities Are Buying Luxury Cars Using A New Tactic

Exotic car dealers may need to change their ways if they want to keep a celeb’s business.

The fact that Facebook can easily weather a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission for carelessly handling and capitalizing on its users’ data is because it makes so much money that $5 billion is just a pinprick to the company. Facebook’s gargantuan source of income may be a puzzle to its users, who pay nothing to use its service, but is less of a mystery to advertisers who pay for users’ data as if it were digital gold.

Ads, however, are not the only way to make money using Facebook or its subsidiaries. Another way to do so is by selling cars, as The New York Times discovered when talking to RD Whittington, a car dealer who has made a name selling high-end luxury cars to celebrities using his Instagram account.

Buying Luxury Cars RD Whittington

It all began when Whittington posted a video of a Mercedes AMG 6×6 on his Instagram account and received a message asking if the car was on sale. Whittington replied that it was, and he was then asked for photos of the interior. After showing it off, the client, rapper TMG Fresh, agreed to buy it and wired him a seven-figure sum for the privilege of owning the car.

That touched off Whittington’s foray into the world of selling cars online, sight unseen. While his family comes from a long line of car people including dealership owners, Indianapolis 500 participants, and a 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Whittington has carved out his own niche by advertising exotic cars with pictures or a short video on Instagram and fishing up six- or seven-figure sales by doing so. Even Chris Brown bought a Mercedes-Maybach convertible, Lamborghini Urus and two Rolls-Royce Cullinans on a whim simply by texting Whittington before boarding a flight to Australia.

Part of the reason for Whittington’s success is that he has cultivated a reputation for being a first-class car dealer – capable of sorting out issues and getting customers insurance or even a driver’s license when the situation requires – which is exactly what you need if you expect celebrities to wire you millions for cars without even meeting you.

And according to Jamie Foxx, one of Whittington’s friends, the man’s reputation has been earned for a good reason. “It’s beyond the cars,” said Foxx. “There are no hiccups. RD [Whittington] is beyond. He makes sure not just that the car is OK. He makes sure everything is OK.” While Whittington’s business tactic is just not the norm, it’s proof that the way we buy cars is starting to change. Even if for now, it’s only for the richest and most famous of us.


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Celebrity Car Broker RD Whittington Reveals His 3 Powerful Secrets to Networking with Top Celebrities and Executives

 Celebrity Car Broker RD Whittington

A jet-setting entrepreneur and a true businessman, RD Whittington is always on the move. From selling exclusive cars, making dreams come true for celebrities to delivering toys to the LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital- he always believes in doing good. It’s no wonder his list of clients and close friends include the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scott Disick, Jamie Foxx, The Weeknd and many others.

From rare cars to movies to brokering private jets and yachts, Whittington is the modern day genie to some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, “I’ve loved aviation all my life and I have my student pilot license. It’s great to be able to secure private jets and many of the world’s exclusive toys for my clients” he says.

However, the high flying businessman recalls a time in the early days when close friend and business partner Jamie Foxx aided in promoting his luxury car dealership and this catapulted Whittington to being the go-to car guy for movie productions and many projects alike.

Building a network takes time, especially if that includes the world’s elite celebrities. For a person like Whittington whose rolodex includes some of the world’s most influential people, he definitely has picked up some secrets along the way that has allowed him to be successful and form partnerships that some can only dream of.


When businesses or people want to engage celebrities for things like conferences, events, promotional campaigns etc. It’s important that they work with someone who knows how to work with celebrities.

They need someone who understands the unique type of interaction that’s involved, how to make deals, and what to expect when working with them.

RD Whittington said that in the world of celebrities, it’s all about developing relationships through friendship and business. RD teaches us how to connect with people on a personal level:


1. Provide value and deliver results: I am known for making the impossible possible and dreams a reality for celebrities. From custom vehicles for a birthday party to selling exclusive and rare cars for Mayweather, the only way I continue to expand my business is I prioritize customer service over money. I always believed that if I continue to master my craft and deliver results, the money will eventually take care of itself- so far it has worked out well.

The average person who approaches an influential person asks for something without returning the favour or doesn’t provide any value in the relationship. You must determine what you can offer them in hopes of developing a professional relationship that’s mutually beneficial.





2. Build your personal brand: It’s extremely important for people to sense and understand that you exude trust and have credibility- both personally and professionally. You only have about 30 seconds or less to make a connection and demonstrate your credibility. When you gain access to the celeb or VIP always be respectful and never waste their time. Key points people consider when deciding to do business with you or build a relationship are: your track record of success, are you the expert or best in your field of work, your background and character. Making sure that you are the real deal, being authentic and confident in your abilities makes your clients feel comfortable working with you.




3. Attend exclusive VIP events and conferences: At the end of the day, you have to be willing to invest the necessary amount of money to get in touch with high profile celebrities as most value their privacy and security. “Most people attend key networking events to make important connections and establish relationships that will lead to landing new deals or closing existing ones. To optimize your success at these events, prepare meetings by doing your homework on who’s attending those events and make a list. In addition, have a set agenda on the outcome you’re looking to achieve so you utilize your time effectively. Remember to be memorable through a story or mention what you admire about them- people love to talk about themselves so give them the opportunity to do so!

What does the future hold for Whittington? Other than travelling and making a positive difference in the lives of others, he has been working on exciting projects that he hopes to share with the world very soon. To follow the exciting life of one of Hollywood’s modern day genie- you can check out his Instagram: @wiresonly to see what’s happening day to day for this business mogul.


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The Life Of Hollywood Celebrity Car Broker- RD Whittington Discusses Passion and His Future

The man, the myth, and the legend- RD Whittington has proven himself to be the go-to celebrity car broker for some of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities and magnifying personalities. His name is synonymous with luxury and other than cars, he has a passion for aviation where he has his student pilot license, and he brokers deals for private jets and extravagant yachts.  He’s also been featured in the NY Times, TMZ and has even made an indirect appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show in which Kimmel mistakenly referred to Whittington’s 2015 La Ferrari as a Lamborghini.

Luxury Auto Collection has grown to be one of the most exclusive dealerships where celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, Scott Disick, Taylor Swift, and Jamie Foxx have purchased some of the most exclusive, rare cars known to man. Selling millions of dollars worth of cars, people trust RD enough to wire money in an instant.

“My business is built on trust and providing exceptional customer service. You don’t get to work with celebrities or top executives without a track record of delivering results. I prioritize customer service because if my clients are happy, the money will come and they’ll continue to buy from me.”

Whittington, an alumnus from the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hospitality Management training program developed an eye for spotting and understanding buying habits of the wealthy. He’s available 24/7 because his clients are operating at different times throughout the day- mostly at night; if a client wants a new car, then he makes sure he answers his phone.

Social media has proven to be an asset to Whittington as people are spending several hours a day on Instagram and if they like what they see, they may buy the car in an instant and wire the money. Other than cars, RD has a passion for charity and giving back to others as he is involved with The LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and My Friend’s House.

“I enjoy spending time with kids and providing resources for the less fortunate, it puts things into perspective that no matter how tough things are, you always have to have a positive outlook at life. I am grateful that my work allows me to meet amazing people and I am able to continue making an impact using my business.”

Right now his focus is on building his personal brand and authority in the business world. Whittington revealed his plans to be more in the public eye and create marketing materials to expand his empire to attract clients globally. His goal? “When people think of luxury cars, they think of RD Whittington.”

Whittington’s advice for those that are looking to follow in his footsteps and work with celebrities one day? Passion. “You have to be passionate about what you do and I love cars so it works out perfectly, my life never feels like work. I get to meet amazing people and help them decide on their luxury purchases: whether it be a car, yacht or jet. If what you’re doing is something you don’t love, you can only sustain it to a certain extent before it starts feeling toxic and you end up miserable. Cars are in my DNA as my family has been involved in cars, my uncles were race car drivers and my grandfather owned a dealership in Arizona”

What’s next for Whittington? Other than continuing to expand his presence by opening a dealership in Beverly Hills near Wilshire Blvd, he’s working on an exclusive project with a popular streaming network. Travel and giving back is something that is close to his heart and something he will continue doing.


RD Whittington is the President and CEO of Scottsdale Sports Car Group. RD Whittington has been in the exotic automotive sales business for 20 years. His clients include Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scott Disick, The Weekend, Migos and Scott Disick. Learn more about RD Whittington…

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona. Born in Winter Park, Florida

First Job: Line Service Person at a private airport- my job was to make sure once the aircraft landed that the passengers were satisfied, aircraft was fueled and ready for its next flight.

Favorite AZ restaurant: City Hall- Mastro’s because it has amazing food and Jess- the General Manager of the restaurant takes good care of me, my clients (if I am with one) and provides excellent service.

Person who impacted my life the most: Joel Olsteen

Biggest accomplishment: Owning my own business

Biggest obstacle you have overcome: Getting in the Guinness Book of World Records for locating the deepest Geo thermal Hot Spring in the world.

Someone who inspires you: Joel Olsteen as he preaches positive thinking and that is the course of how our life revolves. If we think positive thoughts and combine them with actions of positivity, we will attract circumstances and people accordingly.

Favorite quote: “If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late; and if you’re late don’t come at all.” – Matthew Park

Advice to someone pursuing same career path: Make sure it’s your passion and pursue that, the money will come. If you pursue the money first, you’ll eventually resent it and may end up miserable.

What do you think makes someone fabulous: Always keeping your word.

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A legend and pioneer in the luxury automotive and aircraft industry, RD Whittington is the go to car broker for many of today’s hottest A-list celebrities from: Jamie Foxx (a close friend), Marshmello, Floyd Mayweather, Travis Barker, Scott Disick and many more- friends and client’s of Whittington sometimes joke around that his rolodex is like the Forbes list.

His name is synonymous with everything luxury and making his client’s dreams a reality is a priority for this rising business mogul. From extravagant custom built automobiles, rare cars to high flying jets and yachts, Whittington scours the earth to find the best deals and bring them to his clients.

Despite keeping a low profile for many years, the media is very interested in learning more about this businessman.

Other than making a brief appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show in which Anthony Anderson discusses RD’s 2015 La Ferrari which was mistaken by Kimmel for a Lamborghini on the show; he is in the Guinness book of records for locating the deepest geothermal hot spring in the world.

However, very few know about the charitable side of Whittington and his love of giving back to the community and helping others. Filings show he is an active philanthropist but never seeks attention for his giving.


Whittingon focuses a lot of his time on giving back in partnership with other charities some of which include the LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and My Friend’s House.

Even though he spends a lot of time with high profile clients, one of Whittington’s favourite people is Sebastian, age 9, who is a partner in helping him deliver toys to the LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. Recently, instead of throwing a birthday party, Sebastian decided to host a toy drive which showcases his heart and desire to give. The kids receive joy and are excited when they see RD’s canary yellow La-Ferrari in the parking lot.

“No matter how my day goes, spending time with the kids and seeing them smile brings me gratitude and puts things in perspective. I prioritize giving because my mantra is, the more you give the more you will receive and I know for some people that are in tough circumstances, it is difficult to understand that concept, but believe me- things always workout in the end” -Whittington mentions.

“Being a board member of My Friend’s house is another organization which is near and dear to my heart. We spend time feeding the homeless and needy in impoverished parts of Los Angeles; there was a time where I rented an In-N-Out and went around LA feeding the homeless and help supplied resources to support the charity so they could continue to feed more individuals and impact more lives.”


Many prominent individuals like Bill Gates, Larry Fink of Blackrock and many others have been vocal about using their wealth to make a positive difference in the lives of others in different parts of the world.

Whittington mentions, “My entire life is based around customer service and I make it a priority to  add that personal touch to every interaction and business deal. The most important part of my life is making every person I come across and spend time with special. I make it a priority to make people smile because even if it’s for a few moments- I know that person will be happy. “

He also says, “Wealth is just a tool for me to continue doing good and impacting lives in a positive manner. People won’t remember how much money I made or my luxury car collection, but they’ll remember how I made them feel. I strive to go above and beyond for my clients, friends, family and help them succeed; cars happen to be the vehicle that allows me to make that positive impact.”

Doing good is the only way to continue moving society forward. Progress is made by reinvesting back into charitable causes and helping others so they can also be in a position to make a difference in the lives of others in the world.

“When it’s all said and done, my legacy won’t be the amount of money I made or my car collection but it will be based on the amount of people I helped.”- RD Whittington


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A top dealer there, RD Whittington, hangs his shingle IRL.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — “It started with a clip of a car pulling out,” RD Whittington said from the head of a table in a private dining room at Mastro’s Steakhouse. Mr. Whittington, a car dealer, was wearing a black T-shirt, chain necklace and sparkly Audemars Piguet watch. He was sitting across from Jamie Foxx, whom he calls his best friend and business partner.

That car, a rare, six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6, was the first sale Mr. Whittington made through his Instagram account, @wiresonly. “A DM comes in and goes, ‘Hey, is that car for sale?’” he recalled. “‘Yeah,’ I said. He said, ‘Send me some pictures of the inside.’ And then he’s like, ‘I want it. I’ll take it.’”

A partner in the Luxury Auto Collection of Scottsdale, Ariz., he has moved millions more dollars worth of metal through his Instagram account, which has, since it was started in 2015, become the go-to place for celebrities and C.E.O.s with the faith to make a wire transfer on the spot. Exotic cars (expensive, high-horsepower cars typically imported from Europe in limited quantities) are his specialty.


Instagram Cars RD Whittington

Most of these sales were based on a single photo or 10-second video clip. One music executive decided to make an $800,000 impulse purchase and throw in a Rolls-Royce Phantom along with the $2.6 million Porsche 918 he spotted in an IG story.

The photo of the Mercedes 6×6 didn’t even show the car. It was just a close-up of part of the trunk, but that was enough to convince the rapper TMG Fresh to send a direct message and follow up with a seven-figure wire transfer.

“Even Scott Disick messaged me once and said, ‘Cool Phantom.’” Mr. Whittington said.

Now he is opening his own dealership on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, around the corner from Mastro’s. Scheduled to open this month, it will likely be a magnet for Mr. Whittington’s best clients, who include ASAP Rocky, Chris Brown and the rapper Future, who in one text message on his way to Australia not long ago bought a Mercedes-Maybach convertible, Lamborghini Urus and two Rolls-Royce Cullinans.

Mr. Whittington, 35, is slight, blond and favored by celebrities looking for exotic wheels. Taylor Swift’s team once called him to borrow a Bugatti Veyron to crash into the Rodeo Drive set for her “Look What You Made Me Do” video.


“They want to wrap the car in gold,” he said. “They want to wrap the wheels in gold. And they want to put a cheetah in the car. I’m like, ‘no way.’”

He negotiated an $80,000 fee, kept the gold wrap on and later sold the car to Tyga, the rapper.

Mr. Whittington comes from a long automotive lineage. His uncles, both racecar drivers, won France’s prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1979 and competed in the Indianapolis 500 five times. His grandfather owned a dealership in Phoenix, to which he “imported Detroit muscle cars by the truckload.”

“One day I was looking through old family photographs, and I saw a bear drinking a Coca-Cola,” Mr. Whittington said. “I said, ‘What’s this bear drinking a Coca-Cola?’ They were like, ‘Your grandfather used to have customers wrestle the bear for a car.’”

Mr. Whittington said the offer drew customers from oil country as far afield as Farmington, N.M., but expired when the bear clobbered a customer. “He pretty much ended up having to give him a car,” he said.


Such stunts are rare today, but more dealers are turning to social media to combat a contracting market and meet younger customers in their familiar milieu. Arya Omidvar, the marketing director of Porsche Fresno, said he has sold about 10 cars from his personal Instagram account, @aryadrives, ranging in price from high five figures to $230,000 for a Porsche GT3 RS.

“So many people are just straight up addicted to their Instagram account,” Mr. Omidvar said. “They’re spending so many hours on it that if you put it out there, something will stick.”

Mr. Whittington, an alumnus of the Ritz-Carlton’s well-known hospitality training program, has a knack for knowing what appeals to his high-spending clientele. “People want the personal touch,” he said. “They can shop anywhere, and they want someone they can trust.”

That sometimes includes helping customers procure insurance, or even a driver’s license, at the last minute.

“It’s beyond the cars,” Mr. Foxx said. “There are no hiccups. RD is beyond. He makes sure not just that the car is O.K. He makes sure everything is O.K.”

Mr. Whittington’s phone was buzzing throughout dinner, but he took a call only once, while he was frying Wagyu beef on a stone. “This is Pump’s manager,” he said apologetically, referring to Lil Pump, the rapper.

“My phone is always on,” Mr. Whittington said. “A lot of my clients operate at night and only at night. If you miss that call, you might miss $1 million.”

Source: nytimes.com


RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker: Making the Impossible Possible

RD Whittington is a man who likes to start his action-packed day with a plan, but before the sun rises, as a celebrity car broker, he’s working to make celebrity wishes come true and giving back to the community.

f you are a client of RD Whittington RD Whittington celebrity car broker to the A-listers, you won’t ever step foot inside a dealership or haggle with sales people. Simple text the man who makes it happen, and you’ll soon walk out to your driveway to test out your new wheels. Yes, that’s how RD Whittington rolls. Known as the go-to-guy for rare and exotic luxury vehicles, Whittington counts Jamie Foxx as one of his closest friends and has been seen about town with the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Floyd Mayweather, Woody Harrelson, The Weeknd, Migos and Scott Disick. And it seems there isn’t a rare vehicle that he can’t get his hands on for his clients.

Photo by Steven Seagondollar

However, he says one of his favorite people is young Sebastian, age 9, who is his partner in delivering toys to the LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. He shows up in his canary yellow La Ferrari-make Ferrari and says the kids love seeing the car and getting in to pretend drive it in front of the hospital. Whittington is there once a month, and says of all the clients he works with, being with the kids is the most fulfilling for him. “Being with the kids reminds me of all I have to be grateful for. It’s really a bright spot in my day,” says Whittington.

Whittington is humble about what he is able to accomplish. “I try to plan for every day, and I lay out my to-do list the night before. I try to go through life and business like that. However, client requests that front seat in his days that he says are always an adventure.


“That’s what I love the most is making an impact with charities, and this life I’ve got gives me that opportunity,”


One elaborate request he fulfilled in less than a week’s time? Finding a Prevost Bus for a client’s daughter’s ninth birthday party. And, it had to be completely wrapped in pink with the daughter’s name on the side and moved from Los Angeles to Manhattan to surprise the girls and take them and their parents to Six Flags.

“It’s all about doing the impossible for your clients. My career is all about the customer service, and having that personal touch makes the unimaginable possible and then I try to go beyond that,” he says. It’s like the day Whittington got a call from Travis Barker from Blink 102, and he was leaving to go on tour with Lil Wayne, and he needed a car for the nanny while he was gone, saying he needed a matte-black Range Rover by tomorrow. Whittington sourced and delivered the car in less than 24 hours. “Now they have another vehicle for their household. They didn’t have to lift a finger, and that’s just the way I work, and he didn’t have to use his time to go to a dealership,” says Whittington.


“It’s all about doing the impossible for your clients. My career is all about the customer service, and having that personal touch makes the unimaginable possible and then I try to go beyond that.”

One of the most memorable transactions that Whittington remembers is working with Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather, who Whittington considers a dear friend and top client. “He’s very particular and very nice. He is a very serious guy who plans out everything. Someone who has accomplished what he has accomplished didn’t get there by accident. He’s very focused,” says Whittington.

One day, he got a call that Mayweather was perhaps selling three of his rare Bugattis. The caller didn’t know that Whittington knew Mayweather. And in fact, he’d been in a movie with Mayweather. Whittington called The Champ to check in on the potential sale. Almost immediately, he was on a plane to from Scottsdale to Las Vegas where he was met by a convoy of cars to take him to the Mayweather mansion. There he saw “four of the prettiest Bugattis, ranging from $2 million to $3 million each. Even though it was late at night, there was someone in Mayweather’s impeccable and spotless garage cleaning the extra set of wheels. “He handed me the titles, we loaded up the cars and flew back to Scottsdale all in that same night.


And the rarest car he’s ever sold? “I have one right now. There are only 500 in inventory, and that is the 2015 Ferrari La Ferrari. It’s priced at $3.6 million and has a hybrid gas and electric motor that combine for 1,000 horsepower. It makes that car very fast,” he says. And that’s the car he takes to LA Shriner’s Hospital for the kids.

Whittington loves providing rare cars to his clients and says the three most exciting cars to own today are the La Ferrari Ferrari, the Bugatti Chiron and a Ford GT. If you are a big fan of the top luxury car shows of the world, you will see these awesome vehicles plus other automotive beauties available through Whittington.

So how did Whittington get where he is today? “It had a lot to do with Jamie Fox—one of my closest friends. He has always helped promote us,” says Whittington, who has gotten to be the go-to car guy for movie productions. It started with Taylor Swift’s video “Look What You Made Me Do.” Whittington got a call from the producers who wanted a Bugatti wrapped in gold. “Well, that’s going to be expensive, but I can do it,” he says. It was one of the first cars he wrapped. “It launched a whole series of deals working with all the big stars with picture cars for big time movies and tv shows,” he says. Did we mention they wanted a leopard in the passenger seat of the car? Whittington solved that by working with a replica seat and a green screen. “Otherwise, the leopard would have shredded the interiors of that beautiful car.”


From rare cars to movies to today brokering private jets and yachts, there seems to be no end to celebrity car broker Whittington’s scope. “The expensive cars and aircraft and yachts all go hand in hand. I got my student pilots license. I’ve loved aviation all my life, and it’s great to be able to secure aircraft for my clients today as well,” he says.

So, what’s next for a guy who was born in Florida, raised in Arizona and went to school at a military academy? “I’ve got some projects going, one could be television. I’ve got a vision for something I want to do. More than anything, I love to travel and even more give back,” he says.

The guy who wrapped a Bugatti in gold, has a heart of gold. More than just a luxury car broker for big-name celebrities, Whittington also provides custom vehicles for charities in need. He’s created custom cars for auctions to raise money. Most recently he aided a local LA charity with a van they desperately needed to transport food and supplies to poverty-stricken communities. “That’s what I love the most is making an impact with charities, and this life I’ve got gives me that opportunity,” says Whittington.


Source: https://iconiclife.com/  by JILLIAN VAUGHN

RD Whittington Helps Celebrities Find The Custom Luxury Vehicle of Their Dreams

Accustomed to aiding high profile clients, RD Whittington understands that details matter.  Specializing in custom luxury vehicles, Whittington and his team are experts at matching dream cars to their proud new owners.


RD Whittington creates a custom luxury car with its high profile owner.

R.D. Whittington Helps Celebrities Custom VehicleAfter over 20 years in the luxury car sales business, RD Whittington has developed a specific eye for detail that keeps clients coming to him to both list and find luxury cars for them.  His hands on process is known to make clients feel comfortable with the entire buying process.  This is of utmost importance to most high profile clients looking to buy a custom luxury vehicle.  Walking thru each detail of what a client would like customized has proven to produce the highest quality in custom luxury vehicles.

Seen sporting a custom Mercedes Jeep as well as custom Bugattis, RD Whittington is a well known man to celebrities looking for million dollar cars.  Floyd Mayweather has both purchased and listed his own luxury vehicles with Whittington and his company.  News outlets confirmed that Whittington was in charge of selling Mayweather’s, 3.5 million dollar Bugatti.  It was reported that Steven Tyler was interested in purchasing the custom luxury car and he was expected to pay much more than that to get the car after the customizations had been complete.


Selling at the Barret Jackson Collector Car Auction is common for RD Whittington.

According to reports by TMZ, Whittington was taking Floyd Mayweather’s multi-million dollar Bugatti to the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  RD Whittington has ties with Scottsdale’s Luxury Auto Connection, where he works to find high profile clients luxury vehicles.  He’s matched many well known celebs to the cars they park in the their garages.  Customized exactly to the specifications of the buyer, cars purchased from RD Whittington are guaranteed to turn heads.

As part of the world’s greatest car auction, RD Whittington has helped design and find cars for buyers and charities.  His expertise doesn’t stop at just cars, he also can find and customized air and watercraft.  Whittington ensures that the luxury vehicle is purchased, customized and shipped with no additional hassle to the customer.  Taking the time to understand exactly the aesthetic the buyer wants and the feel they are trying to achieve inside the car is part of what makes working with RD Whittington a unique and valuable experience.


Understanding a customer’s needs is R.D. Whittington’s specialty.

Clients like Floyd Mayweather, LeonaR.D.o DiCaprio, Scott Disick and The Weeknd have purchased their custom luxury automobile from RD Whittington.  They chose to work with him because of the quality experience people they knew had with the purchase of their luxury car.  Hand picking the best from brands like Bugatti, Aston Martin and Maserati – Whittington has decades of experience with how these high end luxuries are often customized.  Combing over every detail, Whittington ensures that all of his clients get the best of every option available to them.

His background in hospitality taught him how to be friendly and more than receptive to his clients.  Their positive reviews of him and the way he found their dream car certainly prove that he comes with open ears and years of knowledge.  With his guidance and flawless process, high end clients find the luxury vehicle of their dreams.


RD Whittington uses his custom vehicle experience to give back to the community.

RD Whittington’s skill set benefit more than just those looking for their dream car.  His connections and knowledge about customization also helps charities both raise money and service those in need.  Custom luxury vehicles are commonly auctioned off for charity like the SEMA Care Camaro.  This custom car was auctioned off to help Child help, an organization dedicated to fighting child abuse and neglect.  For charities, an auctioned car can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to help their cause.  Not only does RD Whittington customize cars for auctions to help raise money, he also helps customize automobiles for use by charities.

My Friend’s House Foundation out of LA received a customized van with the help of RD Whittington as a donation to help them feed the hungry.  They provide basic necessities for the homeless no matter what their race or religion.  More than just a meal or two, their mission is to help provide food, clothing and toiletries. My Friend’s House Foundation is also involved in community programs that aide the elderly, the illiterate and those who are incarcerated. To help their foundation provide those services and programs, they needed a custom vehicle that RD Whittington was able to help provide and arrange delivery of.


RD Whittington uses his abilities to create custom luxury vehicles to help his clients acquire the car they desire. 

His showroom is filled with handpicked cars, but those are just the cars Whittington recommends based on his on personal style and knowledge of exotic cars.  He prides himself on finding the right car for his client.  Whittington doesn’t limit his clients to the cars he’s already found, but instead will use his connections in the luxury car business to seek out the car his high end client wants.  Whittington is proud to have curated the relationships he has that enable him to provide the best in custom luxury vehicles.