RD Whittington Featured on ‘Good Morning America’

RD Whittington is a multifaceted entrepreneur best known for his work in Hollywood circles as a celebrity car broker who can find extremely rare and luxurious vehicles loved by A-list stars. He has built a successful career in finding the best vehicles for the Hollywood elite. Less than a week ago, star Jamie Foxx was […]

Celebrities Buying Instagram Cars

Celebrities and CEOs are buying expensive cars off Instagram When money isn’t an object, impulse purchases take on new heights. For example, take the Instagram account @wiresonly. The account only deals with exotic and high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles. It also operates for clients able to send a wire transfer for the funds. No […]

Buying Luxury Cars RD Whittington

Celebrities Are Buying Luxury Cars Using A New Tactic Exotic car dealers may need to change their ways if they want to keep a celeb’s business. The fact that Facebook can easily weather a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission for carelessly handling and capitalizing on its users’ data is because it makes […]

Celebrity Car Broker RD Whittington

Celebrity Car Broker RD Whittington Reveals His 3 Powerful Secrets to Networking with Top Celebrities and Executives A jet-setting entrepreneur and a true businessman, RD Whittington is always on the move. From selling exclusive cars, making dreams come true for celebrities to delivering toys to the LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital- he always believes in doing good. It’s […]

Hollywood Celebrity Car Broker RD Whittington

The Life Of Hollywood Celebrity Car Broker- RD Whittington Discusses Passion and His Future The man, the myth, and the legend- RD Whittington has proven himself to be the go-to celebrity car broker for some of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities and magnifying personalities. His name is synonymous with luxury and other than cars, he has a passion for […]

Fabulous People: RD Whittington

RD Whittington is the President and CEO of Scottsdale Sports Car Group. RD Whittington has been in the exotic automotive sales business for 20 years. His clients include Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scott Disick, The Weekend, Migos and Scott Disick. Learn more about RD Whittington… Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona. Born in Winter Park, Florida First Job: Line […]

The Importance of Doing Good While Building An Empire- RD Whittingon

A legend and pioneer in the luxury automotive and aircraft industry, RD Whittington is the go to car broker for many of today’s hottest A-list celebrities from: Jamie Foxx (a close friend), Marshmello, Floyd Mayweather, Travis Barker, Scott Disick and many more- friends and client’s of Whittington sometimes joke around that his rolodex is like the Forbes […]

Instagram Cars RD Whittington

People Are Buying Really Expensive Cars on Instagram A top dealer there, RD Whittington, hangs his shingle IRL. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — “It started with a clip of a car pulling out,” RD Whittington said from the head of a table in a private dining room at Mastro’s Steakhouse. Mr. Whittington, a car dealer, was wearing […]

RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker

RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker: Making the Impossible Possible RD Whittington is a man who likes to start his action-packed day with a plan, but before the sun rises, as a celebrity car broker, he’s working to make celebrity wishes come true and giving back to the community. f you are a client of RD Whittington RD […]

RD Whittington Helps Celebrities Custom Vehicle

RD Whittington Helps Celebrities Find The Custom Luxury Vehicle of Their Dreams Accustomed to aiding high profile clients, RD Whittington understands that details matter.  Specializing in custom luxury vehicles, Whittington and his team are experts at matching dream cars to their proud new owners.   RD Whittington creates a custom luxury car with its high […]

RD Whittington Luxury Auto Connection

RD Whittington and Luxury Auto Connection Ship Custom Luxury Vehicles Anywhere For over 25 years, Luxury Auto Collection and RD Whittington have helped customers create a custom luxury vehicle that can be delivered to their door.  Clients seeking high-end and exotic automobiles have continuously rated their experience at Luxury Auto Connection with 5 stars.   […]

RD Whittington Luxury Auto Collection

RD Whittington, Owner of Luxury Auto Collection, Specializes in Custom Luxury Vehicles For over 20 years, RD Whittington has aided others in their dream car search.  Specializing in the exotic automobile sales, he has helped high profile celebrities find the car for them. With a background in hospitality, RD’s transition to luxury automobile sales was easy.  […]