Rd Whittington

About RD Whittington

RD Whittington has a background in hospitality management and sales. RD Whittington is a licensed real estate broker along with a licensed private student pilot. He is also in the Guinness book of records for locating the deepest Geo thermal Hot Spring in the world. He has also been a member of the screen actors Guild since 1992. RD Whittington Graduated from Oak Ridge military Academy in 2002. He is been on the board of directors for celebrity waiters for the cystic fibrosis foundation. RD Whittington is a board member for “My Friends House.” A Los Angeles based charity that focuses on feeding the needy.

RD Whittington has also been featured on TMZ for the cars that he has built for several celebrity clients. RD has also completed the Zappos insight training. Some of his favorite books include “Tribal Leadership” and from “Good to Great”.

RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker

RD Whittington has been in the exotic automotive sales business for 20 years. His clients include Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio,Scott Disick,The Weekend, Migos and Scott Disick.

Actor and Producer RD Whittington

Who Knew (producer) (pre-production)
2013 The Proving Grounds (Documentary) (producer)

All-Star Weekend (post-production)