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RD Whittington and Floyd Mayweather in Hong KongRD Whittington
Floyd Mayweather and Mariah CareyRD Whittington
RD WhittingtonRD Whittington
Oscar Night Jamie FoxxRD Whittington
RD WhittingtonRD Whittington

Rd Whittington has a background in hospitality management and sales and is a licensed private student pilot.

RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker

RD Whittington has a background in hospitality management and sales. RD Whittington is a licensed real estate broker along with a licensed private student pilot.

RD Whittington has also been featured on TMZ for the cars that he has built for several celebrity clients.

RD Whittington has been in the exotic automotive sales business for 20 years. His clients include Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio,Scott Disick,The Weekend, Migos and Scott Disick.

RD Whittington has been in the exotic automobile industry for more than two decades.

Working mostly on custom builds for high-profile customers, RD Whittington is an expert at curating an exoctic automobile.  Paying attention to every detail makes the customer’s new luxury car exactly what they want.   Whittington’s ability to understand what his clients want from their new luxury vehicle has given him an edge over the competition.  Clients that want a custom luxury vehicle delivered to their door call RD Whittington at Luxury Auto Collection.

Exotic vehicles sold at Luxury Auto Collection are among the most highly sought after luxury automobiles in the country.

RD Whittington has built Luxury Auto Connection with his customer first philosophy in mind.

A background in hospitality sales prepared RD Whittington for his leadership role in the custom luxury automobile industry.  Listening to the needs and feedback of clients has helped him be able to understand what they need and how to help them get it.  Working with clients to create their ideal custom vehicles is one of RD Whittington’s greatest passions.

Customers of Luxury Auto Connection don’t worry about quality.  Their team hand picks luxury brand name automobiles that are in excellent condition. Brands like Aston Martin, Bentley and Maserati are among the well-known names that are commonly found in their showroom. Customers aren’t limited to only the cars on the showroom floor.  At Luxury Auto Connection, their sales team will help customers find the car they are looking for, even if their showroom doesn’t have it.

RD Whittington Celebrity Car Broker: Making the Impossible Possible

If you are a client of RD Whittington RD Whittington celebrity car broker to the A-listers, you won’t ever step foot inside a dealership or haggle with sales people. Simple text the man who makes it happen, and you’ll soon walk out to your driveway to test out your new wheels. Yes, that’s how RD Whittington rolls.

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